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What two very famous engineers built their very first server equipment out of spare parts and used brightly colored LEGOs to build the casing for their external hard drive?

Yup, It was Larry Page and and Sergey Brin founders of GOOGLE. In Fact Larry Page as a kid used Legos to build a working ink jet printer.

Kids Love playing with LEGOS and so do we! Using Legos, KidsTek Learning introduces children from Kindergarten to 12th grade, to the principles and application of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Building working models they can see, touch, and experiment with, gives children a deeper understanding of these principles. Our goal at KidsTek Learning is to instill a passion for learning within our students, and to cultivate a better understanding of how things work.

Our Programs

All classes are hands-on with students working in teams of two. Each week students are taught certain engineering, math, physics, and/or technology principles such as friction, force, inertia, potential/kinetic energy, measurement, etc. Then, by building one or more models, students see these principles come to life in what they�ve built. Students are further challenged to expand on their models as time allows. Each 8 week session of classes will be centered about certain themes such as �Elementary Machines� and �Forces and Motion� to name a couple. All classes are designed based on students age and skill level. All materials for model building are provided by KidsTek with most models using LEGOs components.

While exploring, imagining, and creating, our students will:

  • � Develop problem solving skills
  • � Develop critical thinking skills
  • � Learn how to work in teams
  • � Develop organizational skills
  • � Work on motor skills
  • � Learn to follow directions
  • � See a project through from start to finish
  • � Have fun!

Why Us?

  • � John has degrees in both engineering and physics
  • � 25 years experience working in cutting edge ASIC design   engineering to share with his students
  • � Most of our models are designed by KidsTek, and ALL are   based on solid physic principles, if it doesn�t demonstrate a   principle we won�t use it!
  • � Children learn and have fun
  • � Our teachers have at least one year of college physics
  • � We love what we do!
  • � Passion for excellence
  • � Not a franchise

We are currently teaching at these schools.

  • � The Village School
  • � St. Ann Catholic School
  • � Donahue Acadamy of Ave   Maria
  • � De LaSalle Academy
  • � Seacrest Country Day School
  • � Lee Virtual School

Contact us if you would like our classes to come to your school


John Van Gilder

I was a Director of Engineering in the �Silicon Valley� California designing Integrated circuits for various High Tech companies. I found myself time and again relying on fundamental principles and creative problem solving skills to solve difficult problems. I began this company because I believe that It is important for kids to learn about engineering and the principles behind it and to inspire a "What if......" way of thinking.

Lisa Van Gilder

As a former Interior Designer with a degree in International business, I've always wanted to own my own business. Having a five year old and a Husband who is an Engineer, I was naturally drawn to the concept of using Legos to teach engineering to kids. Each day I am amazed at how much my son is able to build and understand!


John Van Gilder
(239) 961-0935


"My son Evan loves LEGO classes, Thanks KidsTek for bringing science and fun together!"

Minnie thomas

"My two daughters, ages 6 and 8, had such a great experience at their "Legos Class." We mostly expected them to have fun, but they came home talking about axles and gears! My husband and I were so impressed with what they learned and our girls were impressed with the fun. John and Lisa are fun and nurturing. Thank you KidsTek!"

Jane Coin�